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B’Natural Beauty

B’Natural Beauty with Shanie

I offer Bodyshop products from home

We offer vegetarian and vegan friendly products, which are 100% animal cruelty free, such as skin care, hair care, make-up, fragrance and beauty tools.

We have lots of amazing product ranges from, liquid peels for removing dead skin cells, vitamin e and c ranges, drops of youth, tea tree and many more

Our Beliefs

“We believe that beauty can be a force for good”

“We can be a force for people, a force for change”

“It’s in our nature to care”

“We’re committed to making a difference to the planet and to people”

“Sustainably sourcing our ingredients”

“Promoting fair trade with our supplier”

“Always being against animal testing”

“And championing ethical beauty”

“We share a common purpose to be a force for good”

My Facebook page B’Natural Beauty contains raffles, games, sales and giveaways or contact me on 07535397570 for any product information or even to join my team! You could join and get a kit worth £220 for just £49.

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