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Race to the Peak

Due to personal reasons the great british roadtrip has been postponed! Instead 1 action man and 3 tag alongs will race to the peak of mount Snowdon

Four ex-employees are racing to climb a mountainon the 31st of July and , They are doing all of this to keep the gate’s of Wicksteed Park open!

Tj Denham-Haynes, Connor Allison-Norman, Emma Allison-Norman and Josh Duncalf are ex-employees of Wicksteed Park who are taking on the challenge of scaling Mount Snowdon.They are doing this to help preserve Wicksteed Park. Wicksteed Park has been a massive part of their lives and now they are fighting to help save it!

They will start their race at 8am of Friday 31st July and the first to the top wins! They are taking 2 separate routes with Josh taking the most challenging route along Crib Goch and the rest of them taking on the Llanberis Pass and will meet back up at the summit. If you’ve met them then you know that they are absolutely mad and the only one of them that should be attempting this is Josh but they do love a challenge.

Northants Radio have been given access to live updates throughout this event, for more information click the links bellow to see their Facebook page and if you wish to donate a link will be provided below for their Just Giving page!

Many thanks to all of the donations and sponsors keeping the spirit of Wicksteed alive. Full list of sponsors can be found underneath the links.

All proceeds from the previos “Just Giving!” page will be pushed into the current fundraiser!

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